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Michael Kuiper is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice. A licensed psychologist since 1995, he has served as a supervisor and codirector of the Christian Counseling Center in Stockton, California as well as a supervisor for church counselors. As a missionary to the Philippines, Michael helped launch a Theological Education by Extension program (TEE) and founded a pastoral counselor training program. He has taught psychology at the Menlo Park extension of Fuller’s MFT program. His M.S. thesis in experimental psychology measured the effects of stress on brain functioning. In his Doctor of Ministry dissertation, Michael tackled the interface between the biblical call for Christians to renew their mind with modern theories of cognitive therapy. His PhD dissertation was a qualitative study illustrating the powerful psychological benefits of Christian conversion. He has written on the subject of sexuality and culture for The Christian Post and The Human Life Review. He has also published an e-book, Out of Darkness: A Christian Strategy to Overcome Depression. He is married with grown children.

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